Peace & Strength/Heated Peace & Strength

Our signature style, faith-based hatha class is beginner-friendly. Suitable for beginners to advanced levels as students are led and practice to their own ability and desired intensity. This class incorporates both energizing and relaxing stretch and strengthen postures  with a wide range of options to meet the varying needs of the student.


This Class is available heated to 90 degrees, also available as an Intermediate class on our schedule.

Recommended Props: (2) Cork Blocks, 1 foam block, hand towel, water, yoga strap, yoga blanket (or large beach towel)

Required: Yoga Mat and class reservation.

Power Yoga/Heated Power Yoga

This vigorous power class is suitable for the advanced beginner/intermediate to advanced student, incorporating sun salutations, flowing movements and power holds. This style is sometimes refered to as "vinyasa flow or vinyasa". This class will empower students to both honor their bodies when rest is desired, while discovering newly found strengths and discipline, also known as finding or coming to an "edge". This class is not recommended for the brand new student and we recommend students have taken a minimum of 20 Peace & Strength classes and/or 10-15 Peaceful Flow Classes before attending this class. Both heated and non-heated classes rotate on our schedule.

Recommended Props: (2) Cork Blocks, hand towel, water, yoga strap

Required: Yoga Mat, 2 blocks of any material, and class reservation.

Peaceful Flow

Our signature style spiritual flow is a beginner-friendly class, suitable for all levels. This class is comprised of soft flowing stretches in movement. Also known as vinyasa flow without the more commonly practiced vigorous sun salutations, this class remains most accessible to those looking for a "down the middle" intensity class. Students have the ability to make this class feel "relaxing" or "vigorous" depending on how they activate their bodies in each practice.

Recommended Props: (2) Foam Yoga blocks, 1 yoga blanket (or a large beach towel).

Required: Yoga mat and class reservation

Stillness Stretch

Our signature style stillness stretch class is a yin style class where students are led to find a meditative practice of rest and restoration for the mind, body and spirit. 

Recommended Props: (2) Foam Yoga blocks, 1 yoga blanket, eye pillow/eye mask, 1 to 2 yoga bolsters, socks.

Required: Yoga mat, 1 yoga blanket (or large towel) and 2 foam yoga blocks.

Heated Gentle Stretch & Sound Healing

Stress-reducing stretch and sound healing therapy with use of heat, gentle stretches and crystal singing bowls, clinically proven to reduce stress, anxiety and help with depression.
Appropriate for beginners that can tolerate a heated room of 90 to 100 degrees.
Due to subpar transfer of vibrational sound, virtually, this class is not available online.

Heated Stretch Class

This heated stretch class will provide a stretch for flexibility with the use of props and longer holds up to 2 minutes. Students will be guided in finding new edges in this class. Many students will discover newly found flexibility with consistency.